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2020 Year End Results

Milpitas, California; Lenthor Engineering, Inc., a California based designer, manufacturer and assembler of RIGID-FLEX and FLEX printed circuit boards, announces its 2019 year-end financial results.

Strong performance was reported for Q4 2019 with revenue totaling $9.2M compared to Q4 2018 revenues of $7.8M representing a 18.5% increase. Total revenue for the full calendar year 2019 reported in at $35.1M compared to $27.5M in 2018 an impressive 21.7% increase. With these results Lenthor Engineering retains its positon as one of the largest privately owned Flex and Rigid-Flex fabrication and assembly companies in North America.

Profit totals for both Q4 2019 and full calendar year 2019 also reported in as exceptional resulting in a significant year over year increase. The increase in profitability can be attributed to the previous year’s capitalization expenditures coming on-line during 2019.

Lenthor Engineering continues funding of its business expansion plans with capital expenditures in 2020 planned for $2.5M. This level of expenditure is due to forecasted growth in Lenthor’s Mil/Aero, Telecomm and Medical market segments along with a rebounding Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing segment.
For additional information, contact:
David Moody                                                             
Director Sales/ Marketing                                                      
Corporate Headquarters: 311 Turquoise Street, Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 957-3487