Complete Design for Manufacturability consulting using Valor Genesis ODB+++ DFM software.

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We have a modern 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility for quick-turn capabilities.

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Complete in-house Flex Circuit and Rigid-Flex Circuit Turnkey and Consignment Assembly.

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The Lenthor Design Guide

The Lenthor Engineering Flexible Circuit Design Guide Rev. 6.0 is now available. Our "Flexible Circuit Design Guide" shows requirements for materials, product performance, and quality of Lenthor's Flexible Circuits.

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A Letter from the President/CEO

Thinking Flex, Think LENTHOR

If your project has you thinking flex circuits then Lenthor Engineering is the right place for you.

Whether your need is a basic single-sided flexible circuit or a complex multi-layer rigid-flex solution Lenthor Engineering can provide the assistance you need to get your idea to market…

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