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Our "Flexible Circuit Design Guide" shows requirements for materials, product performance, and quality of Lenthor's Flexible Circuits.

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A Letter from the President/CEO

Thinking Flex, Think LENTHOR

If your project has you thinking flex circuits then Lenthor Engineering is the right place for you.

Whether your need is a basic single-sided flexible circuit or a complex multi-layer rigid-flex solution Lenthor Engineering can provide the assistance you need to get your idea to market. From flex and rigid-flex circuit design layout, board fabrication or a fully assembled flex or rigid-flex circuit solution Lenthor Engineering's twenty-three years of hands on experience will be with you every step of the way.

We invite you to review our web site to become familiar with all of the services available from Lenthor. And before you leave our web site be sure to down load our newly revised Flexible Circuit Design Guide. You will find the Design Guide filled with useful information on a full range of topics including IPC Type and Class identifiers, flexible circuit materials specifications and flex and rigid-flex circuit design criteria. You will even be able to learn to speak like a flex circuit expert by reviewing our section on the vocabulary of flex and rigid-flex circuits. There is a lot to be learned for those who are not yet initiated in the world of flexible printed circuit board design, fabrication and assembly. We hope you will find our web site and the Flexible Circuit Design Guide helpful. We also would encourage you to pick up the phone and ask to speak to anyone of us about your needs and expectations. Have a look at our Contact Lenthor page on this site. You will find contact information for all of the people you need to get your flex circuit project completed to your specification, on time.

Thank you again for spending time on our web site. We are here to help in any way we can to make your flex circuit experience a positive one.

You can think of us as, "RESCUE CIRCUITS"!

Mark Lencioni