Lenthor Engineering Design Guide

Our "Flexible Circuit Design Guide" shows requirements for materials, product performance, and quality of Lenthor's Flexible Circuits.

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Careers at Lenthor

Lenthor Engineering is an established fast growing manufacturing company that depends highly on its employees for its success and growth. This is why Lenthor Engineering is continuously seeking talented professionals to join our organization. If you want to be a part of this experience, please forward your résumé to us.

Sales Account Manager 1st Shift 2 Position
Accounting Manager 1st Shift 1 Position
Accounting Clerk Ist Shift 1 Position
Process Engineer 1st Shift 2 Position
Laser Drill Operator 1st/2nd Shift 2 Position
Plating Manager 1st Shift 1 Position
Plating/Electroless Operator 2nd Shift 1 Position
Plating Operator (Gold/Cobra Bond) 2nd Shift 1 Position
Plating Enig Operator 2nd Shift 1 Position
* Experience Preferred

Interested in the above positions?

Send your resume to:

Fax: (408) 956-1874

All positions listed require a minimum of 5 years experience in the PCB industry or related experience. Certain positions will require a B.S. degree and/or related experience. Résumés may be sent via mail, fax or E-mail.